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What happens to a person's mind when they slip into a coma? We shouldn't delay our awakening as the more time we live in the dream state, the easier they can find us...

Pillars' Itch.io Launch!

While previously this game was on Gamejolt, I've decided to make sure my games are on both Itchio and Gamejolt so it's easier for everyone to access. To celebrate this I also updated the game a little!


WASD - Movements
Left Shift - Run
E - Interact
R - Rest Your Eyes

ESC - Exits the game

What Is Pillars?:

Pillars is a short practice project for me to hone my game development skills around 2017. I also wanted to see how well I could create a game using free assets from Unity's Asset Store. I only purchased 2 assets, one being a character and the other a model package. The character was bought from www.cgtrader.com rather than the Unity Asset Store.

All programming was done by me. The only script I didn't create myself is Unity's default FPS controller, which I edited to fit the game's feel.

All audio was cut/remixed by me. The original SFX can be found on Unity's Asset Store or at FreeSound's website. If you want me to give you a specific SFX, feel free to contact me and I'll try to get you the original SFX.

New Update Notes Below !! Possible Spoilers !!

Restful Sleep Update:

This update comes with an engine upgrade to Unity 2018, making the game more stable and run a bit smoother. 

  • Main menu UI redesign.
  • Added a basic tutorial for the first sequence.
  • Added the ability to restart the level if any soft-locking bugs occur.
  • Moved some objects around at the later levels to negate being "pinned in" by enemies deciding to ruin your fun.
  • Cleaned up AI routes when there is more than one enemy in the level.
  • Enemy AI has been finely tuned to feel more responsive, snappy and now choose to attack right away, rather than shoulder barging you through walls first. While you can still side step a swing or two if you're quick on your feet, they are more deadly than before.
  • Added Ultra graphics settings. This increases shadow quality and anti-aliasing. I recommend sticking to Highest instead of Ultra as Ultra hasn't been tested much. The FPS shouldn't drop much between the two. 

Known Problems:

Pillars may chug on older machines. I've gone through several FPS optimisations and done mostly all I can to preserve the atmosphere and keep FPS high. It currently runs stable 60 FPS on my pc (medium - high tier pc). Let me know if the game runs terribly, if so I'll look into optimising it even further. I haven't tested ULTRA as extensively as Highest.


Game Designer - Lewis Cavallo
Models - Unity Asset Store
Character Model/Animator - maxbugor
Original Audio - Unity Asset Store & FreeSound.org
Icon - Game Icons

AuthorUnfurl Games
Tags3D, Creepy, Dreams, FPS, Horror, Singleplayer, Spoopy, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Pillars - Restful Sleep Update 290 MB

Development log


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I didn't realise the game was going to be as long, I really enjoyed what I played though :) really creepy and calm at the same time

Hey! Thanks for the video it was awesome! Yeah the game is roughly 30 - 40 mins depending on how you play it. You were pretty close, I believe one more level after that one :)
Glad you liked it, thanks again!