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About the Game

Wanderers is a game set in the not-so-distant future, when Earth has begun to wither away. Thousands of shuttles were sent out to the closest earth-like planets on a mission to find a new home for humanity. Each time you start the game you play through a story which tells what happens on one of these planets. Repair the transmitter to inform Earth about the status of the planet and survive the nights against the aggressive wildlife.

A mixture of a survival game and an RTS game.
Manage your group's food, water and firewood supplies during the day.
Fend off 4 types of wildlife, RTS style during the night.
5 Different types of survivor classes.
Each play through is randomised.

Dev Notes
This game is a PROTOTYPE. I may work on this more in the future but for now expect bugs and balance issues. The game is meant to show what my final version of the game could resemble. The pixel art isn't final apart from the idle animation, which is complete.

Left click to interact with survivors/select survivors. Right click to move or attack target at night.
1 - 5 to select survivors.
Space bar will change a selected survivor between aggressive and passive mode.
If the start button doesn't work, just click it a bunch of times and it should register.

Feedback is welcome! Just remember this is a prototype, so if it looks and feels rough around the edges, I know about it.

Sounds/music found on freesound.org.
main menu image found on google.
Pixel art done by me.

Install instructions

Extract to where ever you want and run the exe.


Wanderers.rar 47 MB